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At GMV one of our main focuses is on community. Scripture shows us that one of God’s intents is for us to live in community with one another. To put it another way, we are convinced that God wants His kids to “do life together.” One of the first things that we stress to people when they begin showing interest in our church is to find a life group to plug into. If you are visiting GMV, you will be personally contacted and given specific information about what steps you can take relative to finding a life group to attend. Let us POINT YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

Below is a listing of all of our life groups available. If you have any questions or need direction please contact Jim Andrews.

LIFE groups

Life group gatherings  take place in a variety of ways and places. some classes are offered here on campus and some are hosted in homes. 



  • New Journey– room 306

  • His Servant– room 317.  Blended class of all ages. Contact Cathy Harris (447-8533) or Jan Chandler (531-8135) for more information.

  • Journey– room 319. All ages welcome! Single or married. This class focuses on in-depth Bible study and topics that stretch us out of our comfort zone and equip us for witnessing to unbelievers and growing in our personal faith journey. This class enjoys opportunities offered by GMV as well as quarterly social events that allow our members to develop interpersonal relationships.

  • In the Boat-room 321. Ages 18-45. This class is designed for young adults. This class will be doing a study on Balancing Life's Demands: Biblical Principals for a Busy Life by Chip Ingram. Are you busy, tired, stressed out, and stretched to the limit? Does life seem a little out of control? Are you running long on "to-do's" and short on time? In the series, Balancing Life's Demands, you will learn how to put "first things first" and find peace in the midst of pressure and adversity. This isn't about clichés or quick fixes, just practical biblical insights to help you order your personal world. We will be watching video segments by Chip, then follow with discussion questions. Contact Stacy Curl ( for more information.


  • New Direction– Small Dining Room.  All ages welcome! Rotating Teachers. We follow the Bible Expositor & Illuminator curriruculum. We try to have a class full of open discussion. Contact Bill Couch (205-612-8048/ for more information.

  • Frank Malone Class– room 209.  Ages 60-70’s. Couples & singles. We follow the Adult Bible Study by Cokesbury. Leader: Wayne Burrow, Wayne Duncan & Darlene Shirley

  • Singles– room 304.  Singles of all ages. Rotating teachers. As a group we are loving, and welcoming and genuinely care about others. Please join us as we grow closer to Christ together. Contact Kathy Erhart (205) 631-9833 for more information.

  • Seekers– room 305.  Singles & couples of all ages. We have five facilitators that rotate leading the class discussion of lessons in the Adult Bible Studies book. This class is also involved in supporting events outside our class including missions, fellowship gatherings, assisting the hospitality committee and praying. Contact Jackie Schillaci ( for more information.

  • Ambassadors– room 310.  Older adults. We visit our shut-ins and church members that are not able to attend worship each month. We also plan a social get together every other month to fellowship. Contact Ethelene Bullard (205-410-3775) for more information.

  • Joy– room 308.  Ages 30-60. Discussion style class that study a variety of topics, always Bible-based. Friendly class that has fun and supports each other. Our discussions are lively, we don’t shy away from controversial topics. Contact Danny Dunson ( for more information.

  • Fellowship– room 318.  A service-minded class of active retired adults who use the Cokesbury series for a lecture/discussion guide for Sunday School Bible study. We use a rotating group of teachers. Contact Bobbie Andrews (205-631-8886/ for more information.

  • Rainbow– room 319.  Ages 40 and up. Rotating facilitators. Andy Stanley studies are our favorite and we normally have a DVD or streaming study. For more information please contact Lyn Herring at or (205) 631-9256

  • Open Door– room 212.  Age doesn't define us! All ages welcome. We like discussion rather than lecture. We stay scripture focused, apply what we learn to current culture and we have fun! Very active with outreach opportunities inside & outside the church. Rotating teachers. Contact Harold Payne (205-853-0236/ for more information.