Here at GMV Students we let the word ONE permeate everything we do!  ONE God, ONE Savior, ONE Person at a time!  We believe our students play a major role in reaching their schools and friends for Christ and it starts with their relationship with Christ!  We believe that if our students encounter Jesus in a profound way that their entire lives will change!  We are so excited for your students to be involved in our ministry and can't wait to reach Gardendale and beyond for Christ!

As GMV Students we also strive to be a family ministry and want parents and adults to be involved if you would like to be involved as a volunteer contact Tyler Slaton.

Also if you are a parent click HERE to see what your students are learning and continue the conversation at home!  Also stay connected by following us on Instagram @ gmv_students and Snapchat at gmvstudents!




Wednesday Night Youth: (6:30pm to 8:00pm in 3rd floor youth room)  Our Wednesday night Youth is our time for our students to come together and play games, worship, and hear God's word!  We also leave time for our students to split up and respond to God's word! ALL WEDNESDAY NIGHT ACTIVITIES WILL RESUME WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8. 

Sunday Morning Small Group: (8:30am to 9:15am in 3rd floor youth room) This is our students' time to come together and really dig deep into God's word!  This time is used to study God's word, talk about our weeks, and spend time encouraging and supporting each other.  


                                                       Disciple Now Weekend 2020 (DNOW) January 17-19 

Student Ministry Leaders communicate through GROUPME app. If you do not receive these messages please contact Carla Barber.