"STUFF the bus" Diaper Drive

Kids Kingdom Consignment Sale & GMV is excited to announce our “Stuff the Bus” Diaper Donation Campaign in partnership with Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank. Gardendale Mt. Vernon will be the North Jefferson collection point for diaper donations Wednesday, September 18 - Saturday, September 21 of the consignment sale. The first 100 people to donate a pack of diapers will receive a $5 off voucher that can be used at the consignment sale on any purchase Saturday, September 21. Look for our collection bus on Hwy 31. All diapers collected will be distributed to families in- need!

*diaper sizes needed most are 5-6 and pullups

Diapers are an expensive necessity for anyone with an infant or toddler. They are not covered by any government program such as SNAP or WIC. In Birmingham, there are more than 14,500 children under the age of five, and 29% of our community lives below the poverty line, which is $24,250 for a family of four. Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank desires to help all families experiencing “diaper need” due to financial hardship by providing them with diapers at no cost. A lack of diapers can also affect childcare options. Many childcare facilities will not allow children to be dropped off without an adequate amount of disposable diapers for the day. A mother or father may have to stay home with their child instead of going to work or school limiting their resources even further.

Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank seeks to provide an adequate and reliable supply of diapers to families experiencing financial hardship while engaging the community and raising awareness for diaper need.

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