The Power of Pentecost

Acts 2:1-13

We will celebrate Pentecost through the end of June!

In celebration of Pentecost we will have several different ministers preaching during the month of June. I will be here and participating in worship, but I will also be visiting with the classes that meet on Sundays so I can get to know folks better in those classes. I am excited to celebrate the gifts of other preachers during June!                    – Pastor Steve Baccus

May 20 & 27

Pastor Steve Baccus will be preaching all 3 services.


Reverend Jake Barrett, our Executive Pastor, will be preaching all services. 


8:30-Rev. Jake Barrett

9:45-Rev. Jake Barrett

11:00-Rev. Robert Mount

Rev. Robert Mount retired from the North Alabama Conference in 2010 after 32 years in ministry. He still serves the Central District as Candidacy Coordinator for persons entering ministry and he and his wife, Martha, worship with us here at GMV and they both sing in the chancel choir.


8:30-Rev. Mike Irons

9:45-Rev. Jake Barrett

11:00-Rev. Mike Irons


8:30-Student Pastor Ian Sullivan

9:45-Student Pastor Ian Sullivan

11:00-Rev. Tammy Jackson

Rev. Tammy Jackson is an ordained elder in the North Alabama Conference serving in an extension ministry in the Mountain Lakes District. She is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Family Success Center, a United Way Agency, in Gadsden. Tammy is married to Joseph and has two sons.


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An evangelism moment from pastor steve

When have you shared with someone else your testimony of Christ’s work in your life? When have you been a part of someone professing Jesus as Lord and Savior? When was the last time you invited someone to your Sunday school class or tribe? When have you greeted a visitor at church? When have you offered to pray with someone who is hurting? The acronym for the Future Farmers of America is FFA. I like to use this acronym in the church to represent Family, Friends, and Acquaintances. From now through Easter is the best time of the year to invite people to church. All of us know Family, Friends, and Acquaintances (FFAs) who are not a part of the life of the church. Maybe they have been wounded by a bad experience in church. Maybe they have just drifted away. Maybe a life tragedy is causing them to have doubts. Maybe they have never been in church at all. Maybe they don’t trust the church. Maybe they are cynical about life in general. Right now is the best time to invite them to “come and see” (John 1:46) what is going on in the life of the church. FFAs are the easiest to engage because we already know them. Remember, most people do not have a problem with Jesus. It is Jesus’ followers that present the biggest problem for them. Can we show them we really love them and that we would go the second mile for them (Matthew 5:41)? Are we relating with people in a way that communicates the Good News of Jesus to them? Are we kind? Are we loving? Are we patient? People are naturally drawn to the followers of Jesus who live their faith. People are also naturally turned away from Jesus because of bad behavior from those who claim to follow Him. From Christmas to Easter, let’s invite all of our FFAs to come and see what God through Christ is doing in our midst, and let’s ALWAYS love them! Jesus Loves You! I Love You Too! - Pastor Steve